(Sunt însărcinată în Romania)

PREGNANT IN ROMANIA is an expository documentary with sociological underpinnings, combining several talking heads interviews to attain a global image of the governmental policies through which the Romanian state supports or not women who want to have a child. More than 40 women living in Romania and Spain are interviewed on social issues such as the viability vs. the dysfunctionality of the public health system, work-related discrimination or the role of one’s life partner in the upbringing of children. Despite the major differences in terms of age, education, occupation or financial means, all of them have to deal with the common denominator of the state. On the other hand, among them, there is, however, at least one factor which influences decidedly the quality of health services: money. Not only does Jesús del Cerro’s documentary underline the cynicism of the Romanian society in concern to the lack of actual support given to the future mothers, but it reveals moreover a highly conservative society in regard to the condition of women overall.


Jesús del Cerro


Jesús del Cerro

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