When his son flunks a biology test, a father must prove his love while helping him pass the term.

Marcel is a loving and nonconformist father who risks compromising his image, leaving a wrong impression at his son’s school, behaving totally inappropriate, under a mask of alcohol and violence. Through his bizarre behavior he hopes to arouse the feeling of pity in the boy’s teacher making her to give the child a higher grade on the project. In order to have a carefree summer, Marcel himself does his son’s school project in his place, the night before the presentation. But when things do not go exactly as he hoped, Marcel has no problem celebrating a flunked subject, as long as his family gains unity, trust and peace. Using reverse chronology, FLUNKED tells the story of a father who apparently is just trying to help his son promote the class. But above all, it is the story of a father who wants to prove his love for his son, gain his trust and (re)gain his place in the family.


George ve Gänæaard


Irena Isbăşescu, Adrian Silişteanu

Production Company

Domestic Film

Short Film